One Note

Things learnt from OneNote training
  1. Importing screenshots -To save a screen shot to one note even if one note is not open, go to what you want to copy, hold homeand then press s and this will make the screen white. Then use your mouse to select the area you want copied. This will be placed as an image in the Unfiled notes section at the bottom of the note books tool bar. If a screenshot is taken from a website, the date, time web address will be listed under the coped information. Copied screen shots will be able to capture text from pictures (will often have mistakes) left click on image and select copy text from picture)
  2. Transporting files into onenote from word etc- Open file you want to impor, press print (on the external file you want to get into onenote) then select send to onenote 2007 as the printer the ok.
  3. Importing into onenote. - insert, files, or files as print out or link (especially good with ppt) good for linking marks rolls.
  4. Selecting items on a page - Lasso tool is very useful for selecting specific data, select view, then drawing tool bar then it will appear at the bottom of screen. The lasso is the second button on this tool bar
  5. Drawing with mouse - Students can write with mouse over their work, view, my pens tool bar, then to get back they go view drawing tool bar and select the A symbol down the bottom
  6. Reminders and categories- to tag work or specific notes. Eg to do items, word bank etc highlight text to be tagged, press insertthen tag then select the tag that is most appropriate, most useful is check list, this way you can view all your tasks and once you check them off they will not appear (eg homework, assignment tasks) to view them no matter where they are in the notebook click view, then all tagged notes and all the tasks will show from all subjects
  7. Video & audio - Inserting Video and audio, make sure a text box is not selected otherwise your audio file will be inside the box and will be harder to move. Click on the microphone icon near the help menu.
  8. Creating a table - use table icon. Use tab key for new column, press enter for new line when in the right most column.
  9. Helpful Shortcuts
    • for a dot point = control key + full stop (.)
    • For a number point = control key + forward slash(/)
    • To indent the point move your mouse over it and click the button and drag the dot point left or right
  10. To lock a section (note you cant lock a note book or a page) click file then password protect this section then follow the links
  11. Exporting - can be saved as web page , use the save as function remember to select what section you want (sections, whole note book or current page) and what format you want.(eg single file webpage)
  12. Live sharing session. - everyone linked to a live sharing session can edit the page in onenote. Example when you have set up a scaffold for everyone to add to click share then start live sharing session. This will allow everyone to join and edit this file. If students have joined they can keep the final product that the class has created, they simply click on the section tab and drag it to your notebook. This is probably best for staff to staff sharing.
  13. Full screen button - next to help button. To return to normal view press the same button which will have moved to be the first button at the top left.
  14. Because note books do not save as one file, they exist as a folder and this becomes difficult to share. If you need to move it select save as, onenote single file package, select current page or section or entire notebook
Here is the information in a OneNote file you can download and add to your notebook

external image empty.png TAFE

You Tube links
Sunday, December 13, 2009
5:45 PM
Shared NoteBook
What is OneNote
OneNote Demo, setting up the pages etc
Tips and Tricks
8 mins of demo
Microsoft OneNote is a useful tool to support students with additional needs. With OneNote students can convert handwriting to text, easily capture screenshots which can be integrated a worksheet, ...
Pasted from <> 17 minute clear video on OneNote

( These links are currently blocked sites when using the net books, I am applying for the sites to be unblocked, so
hopefully they will be able to be viewed ASAP )

Niki's OneNote Session Plan

· Introduction - OneNote is a digital ring binder folder with sections and pages -notebook (ring binder) to the left, sections (dividers) at the top and pages on the right. You never need to save in OneNote 'My Favourite Application'
· Show my notebooks as examples, note that images and text are flexible and can easily move around
· Set up a notebook, with sections and 3 pages look at OneNote 2007 guide,
· Organise and label 2 more notebooks, copy and paste pages between sections and notebooks,
· Using the memory stick to up-load information and copy in by embedding or full page copy printed into OneNote from Word Docs or PP or Excel ,tip-
can have 4 memory stick in class with lesson on it to hand around to students

· Searching for data in your notebooks
· e-mailing options and group e-mailing, setting up a data base of class e-mails, saving received e-mails, students can email their assessments and you can save in OneNote to mark.
· Saving OneNote pages as Word Docs or PDFs, Finding OneNote folders in My Documents
· Discuss how students can best set up their notebooks for your class
· Short cuts, screen clippings ,unfiled notes, control . , control/ numbers, tab for table and then enter, For a calculator, 2+3=5 , press space bar at the end for the answer, Microsoft home button and n for a sticky note pad. Tags, Full page view F11 or next to help,
· Search Web for image or text and use screen clipping.
· Pen options, handwriting, lasso - for moving and shrinking text or images
· Use the video and audio options, make a 30 second video
· Live Sharing Session
· Delicious account, Edmodo