What do I need?

Some Points to get you started
  1. Start slowly and work with your mentor or find mentors to help you.
  2. Use the same username and password across tools and applications
  3. Share as much as you take, like Jamie Oliver says, "pass it on"
  4. Ask as much as you answer
  5. Try new TOOLS before you decide they're not worth the time
  6. Comment on other people's blogs
  7. Life long learning is the key!
Mentoring Plan and structure

  1. Join and understand the value adding concepts of; Delicious, http://delicious.com, netvibes, http://www.netvibes.com, Edmodo, http://www.edmodo.com, and http://www.edmodo.com/guide ,http://www.wikispaces.com and BlogEd,
  2. Navigate school wiki's and "Blended Learning" page http://litehouse4skools.wikispaces.com/05.+Blended+Learning.
  3. Evaluate PLN's - http://suewaters.wikispaces.com/
  4. Revisit Onenote, http://rbscsupport4ict.wikispaces.com/31.ONE+Note
  5. Apply new knowledge to KLA related tasks
  6. Embed DER and Litehouse philosophies into syllabus, http://litehouse4skools.wikispaces.com/10.+Syllabus+Tech+Links
  7. Create a "pass it on" plan for mentees KLA
  8. Organise on going mentor and mentee communication
"People need to realize that this is EMBEDDED practice, not an add-on, and not about tech. About learning. Thats it!" -@gcouros


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